Monday, December 27, 2010

2 Japanese Rigs Ready to Enter Indonesia

Two units of the ship supporting activities offshore, type jack-up rig from Japan will go to Indonesia and changed the flag to be Indonesian flag. Ships that fall into category C, this could undoubtedly be able to be provided by the national employers so that the operational restrictions on foreign vessels associated with certain types of cabotage principle extended to May 7, 2011 from earlier on January 1, 2011.

The company is Japan Drilling Company which currently operates at least six units, including jack-up rig, are ready to work in Indonesia. Both of rig will go to Indonesia to follow the rule that requires all marine transport fleet in the country must use ships in Indonesian flag.

Owner and President Director of PT Pelayaran Tamarin Samudera-that explains the company is currently finalizing the plan by looking at the implementation of Law no. 17/2008 on Shipping.

The Japan Drilling Company (JDC) is known to the company that provides specialized services to companies drilling for oil and gas in the sea around the world. JDC currently operates the ship offshore jack-up rig types as much as three units, two units of semi-submersible rigs and one drilling ship. The company has worked more than 40 years in drilling.

Jack-up rigs are operated by company is iu kuryu-10 made in 2008, Sagadril-1 (1984) and Sagadril 2 (1984). The two units are semi submerible rig Naga-1 (1974) and Hakuryu-5 (1977), while the drilling ship named Chikyu (2005).

Previously, jack up rigs operator in Indonesia, PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk known to make the turn flag rig his ship as many as three units of six fleet currently operated. The company has completed three units to replace the flag of rigs operating in Indonesia, while the other three are still in the process.

Disclosure of information will facilitate the national entrepreneurs to provide the ships needed as soon as possible. Shipping Law Revision coercion which was not yet 3 years old can be a bad precedent.

Plan a number of national shipping companies to expand the fleet of offshore supply sector, large-scale FSO type allegedly hampered because the procurement of oil and gas operators that are not transparent.

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